Adult Open Ballet

This class uses all of the traditional elements of a traditional ballet class—barre work, center practice and across the floor—presented in a very open, inviting and non-traditional manner. The emphasis is on open inclusion for all into the beautiful and body-positive use of ballet as a physical and spiritual tool.

Ballet is important and significant — yes. But first of all, it is a pleasure.
— George Balanchine

Adult Modern

This class uses elements of several classic modern dance techniques, resulting in a user-friendly, repetition-based class. This class is designed to open the muscles of the torso, pelvis and legs. No formal dance training is required to participate.

I’m not expressing anything. I’m presenting people moving.
— Merce Cunningham

Floor-Based Dance Conditioning

Floor Barre is a therapeutic practice that uses typical standing ballet movements, but performed on the floor. The work is done in a manner similar to that of yoga mat work and is completely accessible to all ages and levels of dance experience. Minimal knowledge of ballet terms and vocabulary is helpful but not at all mandatory.

You can’t fall off the floor.
— Unknown